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The Issue:


Due to the COVID-19 presence in our community and country, it has caused many hospitals to close and cancel clinical sites this term and next term. Nursing students are unable to complete their required clinical hours. The result is that our graduation dates are being pushed back. Please support CNSA as we tackle this issue together. Thank you everyone! And stay safe! :D

Statewide Political Activism

Message From California Nursing Student Association

Dear CNSA Members,

Please review the attached letter addressed to you all in regard to COVID-19 and the State Board’s response. As we move forward with finding a solution to the current situation, it is of the utmost importance that we stay engaged. This necessitates reaching out to our Governor, state legislators, and regulatory agencies to voice our concerns. The CNSA stance on this topic has mirrored thousands of nursing students across the state, nation, and the message our educators are communicating. If you find yourself in agreement, please voice your concerns in a manner that is consistent with our own response. Dr. Scott R. Ziehm is the Associate Dean for the UCSF School of Nursing and President of the California Association of Colleges of Nursing (CACN). Please review the attached letter to see how Dr. Ziehm and his colleagues have been advocating for what is mutually just. Additionally, I am making the publication titled “Statewide political activism for California academic nursing leaders” available to you. We can all be effective agents of change if we are willing to unify with one strong message. 

Here are ways in which you can contribute to this movement:

  1. Flood the Governor’s Office with calls from students.  Here is the number to call: (916) 445-2841 or submit via e-mail through the website:

  1. For Community Colleges: 

. Call Chancellor Eloy Oakley (916-445-8752) and request that he call the Governor about this issue.

. Ask your College President and Board of Trustees to call Eloy Oakley to request that he call the Governor.  

  1. Continue to e-mail the B&P consultants: 

. Vincent Chee:

. Sarah Mason:

. Elissa Silva:

  1. Call Senator Steve Glazer’s District Office: 

. Orinda: (925) 258-1176

. East Contra Costa: (925) 754-1461



Karolina Gasamanian


California Nursing Students' Association


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