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Update: 05/23/2020 @1500

As per WCU-LA's most recent dean meeting, WCULA will continue to be online for SUMMER 2020. We will utilize Proctorio for finals and ATI Proctored exams. Continue to stay updated with the school. Thank you everyone and remember to stay safe!

- Jackson (President)

Update: 04/03/2020 @1719

As per WCU-LA's most recent email, safety and education will always remain their top priorities. Take advantage of virtual study groups, virtual peer assisted learning, or even set up time with members of your cohort to connect with your future colleagues and strengthen your relationships. For WCU COVID-19 Updates, please refer to the link. Thank you everyone! Stay safe!

- Jackson (President)

Update: 04/01/2020 @1204

Governor Newsom issued an Executive Order (EO) on March 30, 2020, which allows the state Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) to waive licensing requirements and change the scope of practice of healthcare professions through June 30, 2020. WCU is closely monitoring these discussions. Please refer back to the email for more information. In addition, cohorts please begin signing up for Swift River Virtual Hospital as it will play an essential role in our clinical education. Thank you everyone! Stay safe!

- Jackson (President)

Update: 03/31/2020 @0806

WCU-LA's most recent email has confirmed that classes and (some) clinicals will continue to be online for Spring II 2020 until further notice. No date for transitioning back to in-person classes has been established. Thank you everyone! Stay safe!

- Jackson (President)

Update: 03/25/2020 @0932

WCU-LA's most recent email has confirmed that the campus will be closing today at 1800/6:00pm during the COVID-19 crisis. After today and that time, no more students are allowed on campus. If there are any items on campus that you need, please plan to pick them up by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25. Thank you everyone! Stay safe!

- Jackson (President)

Update: 03/19/2020 @1217

Per WCU most recent email, classes are expected to stay online until April 13, 2020. All in-person events, including CNSA, events will be online until May 2020. Please continue to monitor your WCU emails for more updates. Thank you everyone! Stay safe!

- Jackson (President)

Update: 03/18/2020 @1900

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, all in-person CNSA events are currently cancelled for the remainder of the term. WCU-LA campus is currently close until further notice. All classes are being moved online. We will do our best to update the website as the school administration lets us know. In the meantime, we will post events that we are hosting via online here. As always, we are happy to be here for you and help you out the best we can. Thank you and stay safe everyone. 

- Jackson (President)

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Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

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