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Membership FAQ

What is California Nursing Student Association (CNSA)?

CNSA is the state level organization of the National Student Nursing Association (NSNA). The NSNA has a membership of 60,000 nationwide and growing. West Coast University's CNSA chapter facilitates the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance. The West Coast University-Los Angeles CNSA chapter's mission statement directly correlates with the NSNA purpose. 


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Why should I be a member of this organization?


West Coast University's Los Angeles CNSA chapter will enhance your experience as a student nurse. The overall National Student Nursing Association is comprised of students like you who are currently in the process of completing an associate degree, diploma, baccalaureate, generic masters, generic doctoral or pre nursing program. When you join the rest of the 60,000 members, you too can take advantage of the many programs, services, product discounts, and leadership opportunities that NSNA/CNSA offers. Just as important, CNSA offers you the opportunity to grow both academically and professionally. 


How do I qualify to be part of this organization at West Coast University-LA CNSA?

In order to be a member of CNSA at WCU-LA you must currently be in the West Coast University school of nursing (BSN or RN to BSN or LVN to BSN) and have a valid NSNA membership.


How much does it cost to be part of this organization?


Currenlty, WCU students are privileged to have the 1st year of membership dues paid for at the beginning of core nursing classes. All other students who wish to become active members of CNSA but have not yet started core nursing classes or have exceeded their 1st year of nursing core can join and pay the registration fees out of pocket.


If you are a new CNSA/NSNA member the one-year membership fee is $45


If you are renewing your CNSA/NSNA membership the fee is $45


How do I become a member?


At your core nursing orientation, there will be an opportunity to sign up to become a member of CSNA/NSNA.. If you miss one of these opportunities or would like to become a member sooner than reaching nursing core, you can always go online at Under the Sign Up for a New Membership header go ahead and click the Click Here to Sign Up link. Follow the instructions on screen.



How do I renew an existing membership?


Go to and under the Renew an Existing Membership header click the  Click Here to Renew link. Follow the instructions on screen. After renewing, PLEASE email so that we may update your information.

What if I do not know when my membership expires?


Do not worry! This is why Brenda DaCosta, the CNSA Faculty Advisor, keeps track of when each membership expires. Your membership card will also display the expiration date. Any questions, please contact



How do I find my membership ID number?


After you sign up to be a member of CNSA/NSNA you will recieve a letter in the mail. In the letter you will find important documents related to your membership to NSNA. Try and keep the card that says NSNA membership ID on it. In the off chance that you can not find the card and have no idea what your membership number is email and ask them for your ID number. Also, once you have recieved your membership ID number we HIGHLY suggest you go to the NSNA membership page at and print out a replacement card.

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