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Join the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) to become a member of the ​California Nursing Students' Association (CNSA)


Current West Coast University BSN-RN students, in good standing, that attend courses at the Los Angeles campus are encouraged to apply for CNSA WCU-LA membership and attend CNSA WCU-LA volunteer events. 

Membership is FREE because West Coast University pays for WCU student memberships for one (1) years!

In order to become a member, download and complete the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) Membership Application below. Submit the form to the Education Suite. You do not have to have your card in order to participate in meetings or events.

Note: Students attending Nursing Core Orientation will receive the application form during the session. You are encouraged to sign up and turn in the application form on the day of Nursing Core Orientation. The school pays for 2 years of membership.

Note: The school will pay for 2 years of NSNA-CNSA membership. The Online Application is only for those who overstayed 2 years at WCU-LA. 

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