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The Midnight Mission to help homeless individuals in los angeles

The Midnight Mission offers a path to self-sufficiency to men, women and children who have lost everything. Our emergency services, 12-step philosophy, job training, education and work programs offer a compassionate bridge to productive lives. We help remove obstacles to self-sufficiency and provide the accountability and structure that people who are experiencing homelessness need to rejoin their communities. Our conviction and commitment to their success define us.

Mission 1

To offer a bridge to self-sufficiency for homeless people through engagement, education, training and job placement.

Mission 2

To make available the necessities of life to homeless people: food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene needs, and medical care.

Mission 3

To support the 12-step approach to recovery.

Mission 4

To serve homeless people with empathy and respect, without sermonizing.

Mission 5

To provide for the homeless as an independent social service agency.

**Please please please make 100% sure you can make the date you sign up.

Each shift counts as 1 event for your ‘active member form’


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